Restarting LXDE when it freezes/hangs

This is going to be of interest to no-one except me, but here it is:

  • Hit CTRL-ALT-F2 to switch to console mode (CTRL-ALT-F1 will bring you back to LXDE)
  • Kill the /usr/bin/X process
  • That’s it !

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2 Responses to Restarting LXDE when it freezes/hangs

  1. matt says:

    Also possible, depending on your distro: CTRL+ALT+BACKSPACE (twice)*
    in the console, instead of the kill, as root: “service dm restart” or “/etc/init.d/dm restart”

  2. lukipukie says:

    But what if the computer does not respond to either of these key presses? I never had this problem with a 3.0.0-14 kernel, but with the whole series of 3.2 kernels on my system it frequently freezes totally. Any idea why?

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