Running Android unit tests in Intellij

It turns out that running Android unit tests in Intellij is not as easy as creating a unit test in the [ANDROID_MODULE_HOME]/src folder.

You instead need to create a new “Android test module” inside your main module and run your tests from there:

If you choose the default options, your new test module (“myAndroidTestProject”) will be created inside the main module (“myAndroidProject”):

This test module has a dependency on the main module:

And the nice thing is that Intellij automatically creates an Android unit test configuration that automatically executes all the unit tests in this new test module:

From there, you can create your unit tests in this new module. Here is a simple one:

public class MyAndroidTestCase extends AndroidTestCase {

public void test1() throws IOException, JSONException {
 Log.d(this.getClass().toString(), (">> test1"));
 Context ctx = getContext();
 FileOutputStream fos = ctx.openFileOutput("test.dat", Context.MODE_PRIVATE);
 fos.write("hello the world".getBytes());
 assertTrue(Arrays.equals(new String[]{"test.dat"}, ctx.fileList()));
 Log.d(this.getClass().toString(), ("<< test1"));

Note that Android unit tests cannot be directly ran from Intellij: you need to run them from the emulator (or from a real device):


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