Ordering wordpress menu items

Note: when I talk about wordpress here, I’m talking about the http://www.wordpress.com online service.

There are many available themes available for your wordpress blog, and they all come with at least one menu. The one I’m using is called “Enterprise” and comes with two menus. By default, the top menu contains my blog “pages” and the bottom menu contains my blog “categories”:


A common requirement is: how do I change the ordering of the menu entries ? (ie: what if I want the “uncategorized” category to be the last one ?)

Some people suggested adding a number if front of each category (like “1. Android” and “2. Linux”), hoping that wordpress would display the entries in the ascending order, but this doesn’t work. The truth is that this is not possible if you use the default theme menus: you need to create your own.

To do this, go to the “Appearance > Menu” section of your dashboard:


You will then see a “Theme locations” section with two dropdown lists. This is where you can specify your top and bottom menus (that is: if your theme allows two menus of course). By default, nothing is selected, which means that the theme built-in menus are used. As I said above, if you want to control exactly how your menus are organized, you need to create your own menus instead of using the built-in ones:


To create a new menu, click on the “+” button:


Then, select the pages and/or categories that should be part of your menu and click on the “Add to menu” button:


Once the entries are added to your menu, use drag and drop to move them around until they are in the correct order.


Finally, don’t forget to click on the “Save Menu” button !

Then, go back to the “Theme Locations” section and set your newly created menu as the primary one:


There you go:



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