Downloading the Android javadoc

There are 4 ways to get access to the Android javadoc:

1. Online access

The most obvious solution: the online documentation is here.


2. Downloading it using the Android SDK Manager

This one is not so obvious since you would expect the javadoc for the 2.3.3 API to be located under the “Android 2.3.3 (API 10)” section.

It is not: you need to download the documentation for the latest Android API version. In my case, it is Android 4.1:

This essentially downloads a copy of the online documentation to [ANDROID_SDK_HOME]/docs. From there, you can filter by API level exactly like in the online documentation.


3. Downloading the javadoc from mavencentral

That’s the only way to download an “official” javadoc.

Go to Maven Central and search for “” (or click here) and you’ll get access to tha javadoc for each release. For example, the javadoc for Android 2.3.3 is here.

As an added bonus, this page will tell you how to determine the API level corresponding to your Android version.


4. Downloading the javadoc in CHM format

Not really an alternative option, but rather an alternative format that makes browsing more easy: