Connecting to the GAE development server running on another machine

Google App Engine comes with a nice development server located in APP_ENGINE_HOME/bin/

The syntax to run it is: PATH_OF_YOUR_GAE_EXPLODED_WAR

When you do that, your application is accessible from http://localhost:8080, however connecting to it from another machine using http://YOUR_IP:8080 will probably not work.

If this is your case, then it’s probably because it only listens on your loopback address (

[laurent@localhost ~]$ netstat -an | grep 8080
tcp 0 0 ::ffff: :::* LISTE

To fix that, launch your dev appserver with “-a” and you should be good to go: -a PATH_OF_YOUR_GAE_EXPLODED_WAR

[laurent@localhost ~]$ netstat -an | grep 8080
tcp        0      0 :::8080                     :::*                        LISTEN

… and if it still doesn’t work, check your firewall settings: maybe the access to post 8080 is blocked.



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